How can we help?
How can we help?
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Thermal imaging

Thermal Imaging

An infrared imaging science that allows our expert technicians to ensure electrical efficiency and eliminate potentially dangerous and expensive hazards. Therefore, ensuring your business will receive the most accurate and comprehensive electrical inspection.

The thermographer will give you a report with a rating from 1 to 5 in regard to severity of the problem to be amended.

  • Prevent a fire before it starts
  • Reduction in energy costs
  • Prevents unplanned downtime due to electrical faults
  • Reduction in maintenance costs by identifying abnormal conditions - before they lead to catastrophic failure
  • Improvements in machine efficiencies by identifying cooling system inefficiencies
  • Reduce insurance premiums via fire hazard detection on an annual basis
  • The range of applications is unlimited
  • Hot joints caused by faulty connections in electrical circuits
  • Electrical phase unbalance that leads to high electricity bills and tripping
  • Insulation Voids / Building Envelopes
  • Refractory and furnace Interiors
  • Heat exchangers / Difference in thermal capacitance
  • Concrete / Asphalt de lamination
  • Water ingress in composite materials
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Gas / Liquid levels
  • Leaking valves / Steam traps
  • Pipes / Hoses - Hydraulic trouble shooting
  • Bearings / Drive Belts
  • Electrical switchgear
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Gear lubrication problems