How can we help?
How can we help?
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Beautiful Day for a Beautiful Gesture

Another Happy client - Construction works for Yo Yoga

Top of Table Mountain doing an inspection on the plumbing and electrics - what fun!

The Team

Master Electrician required for Flameproof certification on Eastern Mole Wharf in the Port of Table Bay Harbour - client - TRANSET

Marine Services

Schmidhauser does electrical works in Djibouti for the British High Commission - site inspection - what a wonderful country!

One of the oldest Quarry's in the Western Province providing aggregate for the greater Cape town area since the early 1960's.

The SKA array is the Square Kilometer Array which South Africa hopes to be awarded during year 2010. It will be a world funded radio satellite which will probe the universe. South Africa or Australia will be the preferred country to house the final system. At the moment there are 7 satell...